Dust Mops



Highland is the only licensed distributor of Dust-Tex products in the North East.  With our regular delivery service, we collect, inspect, clean and treat dust mops so they are ready for work when needed.  An effective dust control system from Dust-Tex can reduce your maintenance costs by 33%.  You will enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary environment while saving money compared to other systems.


  • Low rental costs

  • Eliminates 33% of your maintenance costs

  • Dust-Tex picks up twice as much soil and retains 80% more soil than untreated mops

  • Exclusive polypropylene pressure plates enhance cleaning efficiency

  • Reduces carpet wear and the necessity for frequent carpet cleaning

  • Reduces airborne dust and contaminants

  • Creates a clean, positive public image



Built-in anti-microbial protection makes this mop perfect for hospitals, restaurants, schools, or any environment where sanitation is the ultimate priority.  Our Barricade Mop resists the growth of bacteria, reducing the potential for odor and enhancing mop life.

Our wet mops provide the right balance of price, performance and appearance.  Highly absorbent, our mops pick up 6 to 7 times their weight and require no break-in.

Include wet mops in your rental program and throw out your old bacteria-laden mops for a clean, safe, work environment!


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